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you know my name ...not my story

Darren Bond - You Know My Name, Not My Story ( Trailer)

About Darren Bond

Darren Bond is the alter-ego of Darren Brown, born and raised in London. In 2010, he made the unorthodox move to Accra, Ghana. Between 2013-2017, he was the part owner of nightclubs Mint and Shaka Zulu, and then went on to solely own Level 8 Business Executive Lounge. 

Fast forward to today, he’s a highly sought-after top-tier Business Consultant and successful Real Estate Entrepreneur. 

Work with Darren

Brand Strategy

Work with Darren and his agents for paid partnership collaborations, content creation, brand consultancy and more


Assign Mr Bond on a mentoring mission to take you to the next level. Invest in yourself from choosing from a 4, 6 or 8 week programme.


Receive one-to-one consultation on your existing business. These include different areas of business, ranging from Real Estate, Supply Chain, Hospitality and much more

Investment Mastery

Learn how to diversify into other investment opportunities globally. Gain insights from an established network of investment portfolios.

Note: Only collaborations and enquiries that are a good fit will be acknowledged